※ The image is a prototype, and the design of the actual app may be changed.


Mars Mining APP Pre-Order

Prepare Metaverse Mars Settlement Fund .

The Mars Mining App is designed with an algorithm similar to Bitcoin mining, so users who start mining at the beginning can mine the largest amount and the amount of mining gradually decreases. 

It is very important to sign up and start mining first.

If you apply for a reservation in advance, you can be the first to know about the start of the app.

(Unlike Bitcoin, it consumes almost no energy and is therefore environmentally friendly).

After the launch of the Mars Mining app, the first 10,000 users who quickly refer (invite) 10 friends will receive 1,000 MSRT as a bonus.

The event may end earlier, so make your reservations in advance and be prepared!

※Users who have not made a reservation in advance will not be able to sign up without a Referral Code

※ 50 MRST will be paid to all pre-bookers. Pre-orders may end earlier depending on the number of reservations.

The pre-order application has closed.

It will be officially released on the 

Google Play Store and Apple App Store soon.